Have you experienced "The Real Straya"?

Did you know that 81% of Queensland is devoted to agriculture? Another 8% is made up of national parks which leaves only 11% for suburban areas where 92% of the population live.

If you haven't spent time on an outback station, then you really haven't truly experienced Queensland.

When you stay at Shandonvale, you'll not only get to experience life on a working station, tagging along while we do our part of the food production cycle in Australia, but you'll also get to stay in the most comfortable, luxurious accommodation and dine on homegrown, fresh "paddock to plate" cuisine. It really is the best of both worlds.

Outback Experiences

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Soak up a sunset at the boat-shed, pop a champagne and relax in the mineral rich waters of our treetop artesian bath, explore the bush, fly in a chopper, have a shot at the gun range or herd sheep in a buggy, or just build a campfire and enjoy a cold beer - there's plenty to do at Shandonvale.

Regional Cuisine

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We don't mess around when it comes to preparing a gourmet meal, all from our own produce.